General Info about the Sidhe:

The Sidhe or SHEE, Si, Sith, also pronounced SEE. Are of the Royal courts of the Faery Realms, aka TirnanOg (Tier-na/HN-Ock - Land of Ever-Young), Annwyn (welsh/"Owen"), Avalon (British), and Albion (Scottish). There also several other names, like Tir Nman Bamn (Land of Women). Check out "Faery Folk" By Edain Mccoy for more complete refrences.

Usually people see two courts, the Seelie and the Unseelie or the Good (seelie) and the dark (Unseelie) Sidhe. When in reality all faery are neutral. Neutralality is a Gray area, and Sidhe can be classified as Shadowkin as well. (workers of gray magicks) The Scots invented the two courts when xtianity came too Scotland and of course Xtians must put a good and bad label on everything.

All faery/Sidhe, no matter where they are, or what kind they are, are both good natured and bad natured, so please let noone tell you different. We like everyone have a goodness and a badness. We can use our magicks, glamour and ability too heal or too hurt, and often we are rather Selfish. If you diss us, prepare too recieve some sort of revenge, and it can be in the form of anything we so desire or create. It's never a good idea too piss off a Sidhe. Just because we are Sidhe however do not mean we see ourselves as Gods or Goddesses, often just the opposite. Oh, we know we are different, that's something we can't hide. But just because we are does not mean we will Lord it over anyone else.

Anyone who tells you they are a Love and Light faery..a good faery, pure, innocent, is Lying. We all have a barrage of nastiness inside and its just itching too come out. Those that claim they are pure and contrite faeries are either roleplaying, or full of BS. They will more than likely try and claim too be "FA'AE" and all True Sidhekin know their lineage and where they come from. They know that the true word is neither Sidhe, Si or Sith or faery. That is just the closest Earth terminology we have. In the Dra'gar Script, which is a script of dragon's and Fae speech alike, the most correct roughly Translated term is "Fra'kar" you see how the words Fra'kar and Dra'gar are similar? This is how the scripts flow. In our "alphabet" we have whole names too represent things, such as Earth (gaia), Sun (Mar), Night (Dar) which is also amazing is that our script is "English", but whole words that would not make sense here means something on our plane. I'll be posting about our script on another page later.

The Fra'Kar are all the Faery, though some of them here are the same just given different charistics, being lost and multiplied in the translation, because faeries are known in every language all over the world. I will go into some here:

1. Beansidhe/Banshee: IN The Dra'gar script the word for beansidhe is "CIONLIGHCT" which is said as "Cowan-Lye" Cowan means "good woman of the earth" and lye means "too wash". The Washer at the ford, aka the Bean Nighe or Faery woman, also connected with the bean sidhe. The myths have twisted the Beansidhe into a portender of Death which they do have that ability to warn of death, but they can warn of many other things as well.

There are Disincarnate beansidhe's as well as Incarnated ones, but in the disincarnate form she is in her purest truest form and can be eeriely beautiful too hideous ugly and cronely. They are usually seen as Unseelie by those that choose too follow the "courts."

2. Dioane Sidhe- The warrior fighting class of the Sidhe. Also considered too be either the ancestors or the remmants of the Fennians of the Tuatha De Dannan and some Formorrians. Warrior Elves also can belong too this tribe of Sidhe, as Celtic Elves are seen as the Royal Guard In Annwyn. The Celtic Elves however are not squat fat or chubby elves. They are very tall, well muscled and adept with any weapon. Usually seen as Seelie by those that follow the courts but a few may be Unseelie. These Sidhe hold their own code and would laugh if called either good or bad.

3. Aes Sidhe- Aes Sidhe are considered the ancestors of, or the spirits of the disincarnate TDD. The "Godly" Sidhe. Our gods and goddesses. These are the ancestors in which made us, and created us. Sidhe are not born like Humans or mortals from two parents. We are created from essances of magickal things and universal source Energy. The more magickal the more potent we are, the stronger our spirits. The Aes Sidhe are the Council, the headers, and no courts apply too them.

4. Leanan Sidhe- You knew i was going too get here eventually right? ok Good. According too folklore, The leanan sidhe is a dark muse who feeds on the lifeforce (energy and blood) of young artists in exchange for their fame and inspiration. Given, they are "used up" quickly by their dark mistress and die early. It is said Yeats had a leanan sidhe, but I think people of that age were horny over such things just as unknowing mortals want too be seduced by today's vampires. You notice noone wants too be seduced by a big foot, ape man, or werewolf haven't you?? (gglz)

In Reality, we Leanan Sidhe do prefer our artists. But we do not drain too the point of death at anytime, nor do we take energy or blood unwillingly, just as it is with psychic & pranic vampyres. However we do prefer mates who are long lived (soul wise) such as ourselves,and have at sometime, or are presently Irish, Scottish, or are of the Old Country. We may or may not choose too awaken you (turn/sire), it depends if we think you have a great deal of potential. This is done similarly too psy's and pranics feeding and or sharing their blood with their intended, in fact its pretty much the same. I know I know..some people say turning does not exist. I have two pranic and psychic awakened vampyres who would say otherwise as I know, for I awakened this way. ;-) I have been awakened vampyricly 5 years this June 28th. We Leanan Sidhe do drain and drink blood, and we do not belong too any Court. We are closely very related too both the Bean Nighe, and the Beansidhe, being able too warn of death and danger. The leanan Sidhe are also connected too the Morrigan, for it was believed that she was a Blood thirsty Goddess. (She was, but not in a vampyric way) However it is said that her daughters were "serpant-children" and were "of a vampyric nature and ageless". Which I found interesting. The formorrians themselves, ate of flesh and drank blood, either because it gave them great strength or they in a druidic sense (old druidic mind you) Honored the fallen by the eating of their flesh, and the drinking of their blood. Their has been some proof that the Formorrians had Druids, and they being before the TDD in Ireland, they are seen as a primoraly dark Sidhe race. (it's easy too see why)

Most TDD heros and warriors who are celebrated: Macha, Morrigu, Nemain, Badb, CuChullian, Scaethach, Finn Macumhail, Uathach (scaethach's daughter by Cuchullian) aren't TDD at all, but are Formorrian if one is able too look at the truth in their legends. CuChullan, Orginally named "Setana" Ate Dog Flesh; Macha could run faster, and cursed all of ulster, Scaethach of Alba (Scotland), had a great warrior school in which she trained all men on the isle of shadow, her name means "she who strikes fear" Her daughter, Uuathach means "The very terrible", Finn Macumhail, was seen as a Giant, who slew "dragons and snakes". Its interesting because Finn maccumhail was also Pictish. I have a theory that The Picts that mated with the TDD stayed in Ireland, the ones that mated with the Formorrians are the ones that went off too found Pictland in what is now Scotland. But That's just a personal observance of mine, NOT FACT. Also we all familar by now as the Morrigan being Formorrian, for in her raven and crow form she ate the flesh of the dead.

It's interesting too also note that ravens and crows do not eat the flesh of the NEWLY dead. No it has too lay there about three days and get "ripe" before they come. This is an observance of mine because allot of squirrels go to the summerland on my street, and i get too see my birdies peck away, also the raven and the crow will only eat the Intestines, the eyes, and all that yummy soft membrane, and not the actual fur. No they will just leave the skin and fur and bones there when they are done. Don't that just make you hungry?


Also The Morrigan laughed when people went too war, danced, and enjoyed herself. She's seen as a member of the TDD, But after the fall of the formorrians, the morrigan gives a prophecy where the TDD would not rule the land long and they would fall too the sons of Mil.

So I have shared with you about some (mostly accepted) types of Kin, about ravens and crows, The morrigan, Formorrians, and etc, and I have a few things more I'd like too touch on: How to recognize a sidhe by appearances, and what too do when they act WIERD.

I recently met a guy in my area that i thought was just a psyvampyre, but it turns out he's Elven, welsh, pagan, vampyric and Draconic. it also turns out i knew him from when I was Anara. It's been my experience, that the older a soul is, the wierder that person is going too act. There is a burden too awakening, the more knowledges you remember, the more of a freak you'll become, and babble more than likely about things that will scare people. How too tell between a good imagination and a wierd person? Well if your an empath, its easy too sense, as well as a telepath. From what i can tell he BS'ed me about just everything he said about himself, for even though he has a psyvamp signature, he lifestyles the hell out of AD&D, VtM, and Anne rice.

I knew he was at least elven because they have this manner about them. They have slanted eyes, semi-pointy ears, and he formed a triangle with his hands touching. It was a manner in which annoyed me because He looked like a mouse about too pounce on and chew cheese very slowly....

Appearances of Sidhe:


Sidhe will have the wierdest color of hair than you'll ever see. Ranging from three toned hair color, too shock white-blonde, they surely give Loreal Feria a run for their money! I know a guy about three years ago who was only 20 and his hair was long and ash gray, he is 23 now and his hair has started too go from ash gray too shock white. This is also hair that changes color just from using different herbal shampoos, being in the sun, or a change in seasons.


Regardless of being of a leanan of vampyric nature, sidhe usually have fairly sharp canine teeth, on top and on bottom. Perhaps it is also because we are Shapeshifters, or its in our chemical makeup. My mother of natural heritage, is both irish and welsh, and she had very prolonged canines and was no more vampyric or leanan than the pope. Also such teeth, may be "adult" teeth from the monet you cut them.


Sidhe have very beautiful eyes, shades you've never thought was possible except with those color changing eye contacts. My eyes are dark green, light green, with a ring of wild yellow around the pupil. My twinflames' change color with the seasons, and with his emotions, ranging from a dark stormy blue, too blue ice too opaque gray-blue, too a wintergreen color. I LOVE his eyes. My roomates eyes are a pale blue whose eyes glow when he's..ahem high. *grins*


Ranging from freezing cold too outgoing, silly, funny and smoldering with passion. A Sidhe's emotions are deeply rooted in with their character and personality. Sidhe can be cold as ice when they are messed with or not respected. Their domains are number one, its our sacred space. Lots of company (especially human company) will tick off a sidhe, who loves her blessed sacred quiet. We Crave cool, calm and peaceful QUIET homes and people living in our abode. If you have issues with being quiet then its a good idea not too have a sidhe roommate with you. Many accuse of of having Bi-polar disorder. Our moods can change faster than a woman with PMS or PMDD( and believe me that's bad) Its true that many sidhe's may feel misunderstood, and not having their needs for more quiet time respected may hold a repressed anger toward their roomates, parents, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc. It's important you always listen too a Sidhe, he or she may be trying in vain too explain themselves, and feel that you are not listening. This makes us seem Selfish, and in a way we are selfish, but we feel we have the rights, most often we have just never learnt too share.

Also Change in anything stable (lifestyle, relationship, home life, job status, family etc.) will fuck up a Sidhe, for we detest changing, especially for anyone in, our mates, YOU, our friends, for better or for worse, it doesn't matter. trying to change a Sidhe's habits is like trying too herd a Cat, while trying too dress a baby octopus in a dress. The Sidhe will more than likely become very frustrated with you and annoyed. An annoyed Sidhe is NOT a happy sidhe. Warning, Tread softly. In fact this meshes quite well with the legends of Faery wives who told their mortal men never too Thank them, or Hit them, or kiss them, or they would leave them. Of course the men forget and lose their women.


Sidhe have wild auras, ranging from sparkly midnight blue too a vivid indigo. (which is the aura color of most psychic and pranic vamps including Leanan but leanan have the tell tale sparkle in their aura) The sparklies, look like "faery dust" in the form of magickal "glowly essance" and in the aura itself, the sparklies Swirl around the person with the aura color enclosing. If a sidhe manipulates energy into themselves the number of sparklies increase, the same with if they get high, raise magickal energy or enter a Sacred Space/Magickal place within Nature. Pretty soon the area around them is swirling so much with sparkly light that if you see it with your 3rd eye, its blinding. That's when Sidhe are at their most powerful, and most likely where "becoming invisible" came from. Again thats my HO, I do know about the withdrawing of one's aura too remain undetected, and other Glamoury's too go "unseen." Depending on what kind of Sidhe you are depends on your aura color, and the more potent ones have the rainbow aura's going on, also depends on according too their emotions.

The Best thing however too do if your around a Sidhe who is yapping about "moons in the corner of Boogu bucktooth" or saying he "Channels caine and prince eric" is just nod your head and go along with them. You'll know when your being bs'ed and you'll know when your not, and if you are, just play along. Its better too let them think you're an idiot, because if they are stupid enough too underestimate you then that's all on them isn't it? Besides I have been there and done that by busting someone's bubble by saying that they were full of it. One it causes an arguement of who's "more kin" and pretty soon you have a tug of war going on and then they run off and tell everyone, or worse show a copy&pasted copy of your tirade too everyone they know, which is more often than not, half the damned community. So please nod thy head, and then politely excuse yourself, although it will more than likely be impossible too be polite about excusing yourself, and you may have too be rude about it.

Which is when its in your own home, in which they've plopped themselves down on a chair and feel content too stay there and chat about a number of things you know can't exist. However, we are pretty wierd ourselves and we know what its like too be labeled a freak or wierdo for being just what we are. If your one of the wierdies who must chatter about how you were once a moon god in the aztec culture, who died prostate on a burnt out log in the middle of the rainforest and you swear jungle cats talked too you in burmese, Remember not everyone is going too believe you. We all have different experiences, and Memories, however be careful trying too bullshit an empath.

And thy lesson endedth Here...