OH! SHIT! She's Updated!! It must mean she's got her game back and she's moving the whole damn site base too: Her LadyChrys.com Domain. Yes, this is what this means.

Notes: This revision will not be so kin outreach. Goddess knows us sidhekin need a site out there that's not unicorn fluff and puff, or hate monger. Also please note - the kin "hate" wars have started. We are stupid, and unprepared and its terrible terrible. I want too nip "hate" in the bud. Yes I am Faery and yes I am a vampyre as well. I manipulate and drain energies. I am what I am and yes I am not human nor mortal nor Natural. I've accepted what I am - and yet I still seem too help others. This site exists for this reason as does my psyvampyres after dark site. You can accept that we faerie are in the world again or not. It doesn't change things, or whats coming or what's here. Either we all stop acting like children and learn too band together as family - all of us dark and light or we'll perish again. This isn't the First Fall or sundering, and Not all Faerie or sidhe are too blame for the abadonment felt at the first. LEARN IT, and accept it.

Then come on over too the new site and learn a thing or two. I've heard and read the guestbooks [ thanks for the cool and nice comments] and I'll try and get banner exchanges and databases and all that cool stuff up on the *new* site.

~ LadyChrys
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