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Caer- Gaelic for Castle

Annwyn- Faeryrealm, Celtic Summerland. A Kingdom of The Tuatha De Dannan, Just Like The Earth and is a Twin world of EarthPlane and Visible Too Those who have Been Invited, and those of the Faery. In a manner hard too explain, Annwyn sits In The Earthen Sky To The NorthWest In The Northern Hemisphere. There is a Magickal Bridge that Connects That Plane too this one, which is being re-built from the growing magick once again growing on the earth's plane.

Awakening/Awake/Awakened- One who has remembered their past lives through past life regression, or Trance or self hypnosis. People who are awakened are often called Old Soul, Or Ancients, or "otherkin".

Otherkin- Those born into a Humanoid body but without a Human Soul. Un-Mundane. Immortal. Faeries, Dragons, Witches, Elves, vampires, Were-Creatures, Dwarves, Sidhe, Daemons, Elementals, Celestials, Sovereign's, Goddesses.

Vampires- This a really tricky word and makes people laugh and make fun of you. 1. Vampire- one who drinks blood aka Sanguine 2. Vampire- One who lives a Lifestyle dedicated too folklore vampyrism or Subculture vampires, of rpg, movie and book. 3. PsyVampyres- those who are called vampires by the way they "drain" energy from the Source or Universe, or people and crowds, or astral realms. Aka Leanan Sidhe. Psyvampyres is not an accurate term, because they are not really vampyres, in the tradition of folklore vampyrism. Or what is thought of as Vampyrism By Most people.

Astral Plane-

A Dimension that holds numberous planes of existance such as whole other worlds are just rooms. Most get their via astral projection or remember it from before coming too earth's plane aka Incarnating. The Summerland is here, as well as Purgatory, and other realms Including Silver forests, and the DragonRealm, Annwyn, and realms people can create by thought alone.

Celestial Plane- Home of The Ancients known as The Celestials, The councils who Created Balance, and recorded the Akashic Records into being. The Being's Of Light who are Messenger's for the Gods/Goddesses of all Creeds and Paths. Here are Greecian and Celtic Temples preserving The First World, and of the Celestial's themselves. It is they who created Incarnation, for too be a Messenger was too live many lives in order too help and Guide Lost people on the Earthen Plane.

Shadowkin- The Kin Of Those with Shadowed souls. Were-creatures, Vampires, and Dark Fae aka Unseelie court.

Dragonkin- Those of the Dragonic Race. They were not "physical" because noone can find bone structure. There is an old legend that There were many great dragons once and They sacrificed themselves and their magick and gifts by Dissolving into the Earth and into the skies, so the people after them would have their magick and their Sight. Aka The Faerykin and The Pagan Religions.

Faerykin- Those after the Dragons, Coming From The Skies. Both Men and women who are both beings of light and darkness and shadows. The Children of The Celestials. They sent their children here so we could teach the rest of the world. It worked for a time until the mundanes came, or Humans. They destroyed the Magick that we taught and that the earth supplied. The bridges too Annwyn Collapsed as it was made of solid magick.

Human/Mundane- Those that Came from the Earth itself who were born here. They were born one of Kin and one of The Christian religion that denies magick and the Ancient race. In That minute when the first was born, he cursed his entire race, with as children they are prone too our world, and as adults the denfy and deny anything too do with our world, thus they do not reincarnate. They Just Die.

Leanan Sidhe- Sidhe (SHEE) who draw and heal with Energy, and came from the Myth Of The Morrigan. It is said she was a Goddess who was vampyric, and spent mens energies, by draining them of their energy. It is also said the morrigan was blood-thirsty and was Vampyric. A Leanan sidhe in folklore is known as the sweetheart faery or The Dark Muse who was said too become a lover of a Poet or artist and give him his gift,but would spend his life as she fed off his lifeforce. (Victorian romanticism Only!) Real Leanan Sidhe are of the Faery Courts, seelie and unseelie, and can drain energy as well as heal with it, some prefer too feed on blood, as blood is seen as a mystical lifeforce that holds all elements of air, fire, water and earth as well as spirit, which connects everything with spirit and life. Leanan Sidhe are also Male, as in Scotland the word is both used in a Masculine, Feminine stint. Leanan Sidhe are also related too the BeanSidhe or (banshee) and are prophet's as well as Chaotic being's, with an eye for delight and mischief. They are Also warrior's!

Sidhe- (shee) Those that live in Sidh's (sih's) or hollow hill's that tunnel down and lead too other places such as caves and caverns. Sidh's where often a way too get from here too there, without being questioned or seen, especially in the days after witchcraft was silenced. The Tuatha De Dannan were sent too live in them after the Milseans came too Ireland.

Tuatha De Dannan-(Tu-ah Day Dawna) Children of The Goddess Dana/Danu/Dawna, The primary all one God/Goddess. Today seen the same as Brigid. Highly Skilled in Arts of War, Poetry, And Magick In all Things. Could not age, nor be killed unless in battle, death and sickness did not touch them and they retained a Youthful Appearance. They came from The Northen Islands, for they came too the Connacht Province of Eire/Ireland, Defeating the FirBolgs a Giant race, as well as The Formorians, a Hideous Ugly Giant race.

Pagans,Witches,Wiccans,Wicceans,Wittans- All Descendants of The Tuatha De Dannan, especially those with irish, pictish, welsh, scottish ancestery.