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GOA Statements Page
Aka: Anara Clears up the rumors about me, my sites and a few other things...

First howdy, welcome too the FAQ, gossip and rumor mill part of this site, this is where I will post some questions regarding what gets emailed too me, and slung about in my guestbook by Watchful people (smirks). (Aka elves from Its been a while back, likely I wasn't even online when my guestbook was spammed. If you have the tendancy too be an ass, then this page will probally fall on dead pointy ears, won't it? I thought about not writing this page, but every good kin site out there has a good rant page. I am not in any way adding fuel too the fire. A Guy elf once told me: "Female elves tend too be bitches, and like too have their noses in everyone elses business, even if it doesn't involve them." I did not believe him then, but now I do.

Its also been my experience that Elves tend too be "chicken shit" when they are threathened in some way or another. (mainly the females) I am a Strong sidhe woman, my spirit can and will take allot, but If you are prepared too dish it out, prepare too see me defend myself and what I bust my ass at: Duty. Honor. Prestige. Destiny. I have a higher calling too help my people, and this is how it's done.

SECOND of all Too The people of The I am not an Elf. I am Of the Sidhekin, and there isn't a decent website too be found anywhere. Hence this site, before ever there was The Firehaired_Sidhe site. My apologies, I was trying too make a haven for the Sidhe. Yes we are a michevous and often mean Lot. I am sorry I have no paitence nor stomach for fluffyness, I am after all a Dark Pagan, but I do not have any hate or anger on this site. Yes I can be very Pained and lost and in great Hurt and I was, before I took my vacation. My Peace has been made with that whole issue, and it appears too have been resolved. (where did GO anyway? It appears quite dead. Pity.) I do not nor presume too understand Elves (at least the ones that litter about the web) and nor do I wish too. You claim too know me and My Plans, well what are they Exactly. Gee, I am shaking in the buff, I exclaim please don't hurt me! Don't tell Santa I have been bad, ok? (Ok that was a naughty comment!) But as Leanan Sidhe (hey not all of us are romantic faggots..*giggles*) But yes dare I say we are mean trite little fucks that will hold our own if pressed the wrong way.

I am sarcastic. I am Crude, rude and very unlady like. I am like this with friends, online and offline, around sidhe and elf, dragon and mortals. I learnt something way back in November of 1996 when I got online. Do not fear that which you can not see, aka You, behind a computer's screen. I am a strong 24 year old woman. You may see me as immature, but I feel I have the right too defend myself and my groups and sites when they are attacked. Karma is a bitch. Remember that.

Elders, Leaders and Idiots

Ok so I don't care for the majority of the kin Elders, and leaders, most i believe haul around a load of crock. Who AM I?

For those that don't know and yet claim too know everything about me. I am Anara'Aname'Raet from the RAET Dragon Family. The First Dragon Family. My Mother Gaia'Anaska'Raet, My Father Ahail'e. My twinflame, Ka'lecht. I was and am now awakened the Sovereign of Grael, mine beloved The prince of Faf'Nir. My name means "Daughter of Creation". I was Created by the Ancestors (as I call them) I was created from the pure essances of Sidhe, Dragon and Celestial (seer/Oracle) Combined. Hence this humbles me because I am a very important person in the eyes of the world as it is known. I guess if i were you i wouldn't like me very much either. Not only am I revered, but I am a sign that things are progressing toward the great War. On a non magickal note I am a very fun loving sidhe. I am Pagan (of course) Pecti-Wittan (irish-pictish solitary faith) I am thinking though of becoming what I call Universal faery faith..because its mostly all alike if you study it enough. I am a High priestess of the Otherkin, believe that or not ;-) I would write about me all night long but thats not why I am here. ;)

About This Page:

GOA is being redone, and will hopefully become a haven for all Sidhekin. I don't care If the other resources don't list us amoung them or not. I do what I can and thats all I can do. I Hope personally this will help someone who is lost or stuck and needs help. I am not online allot (hence having a life offline) but if you have a question you can email me at