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Note: These are recorded here because I feel they are important. You may take them with a grain of salt, or not believe them at all, just because i have them here does not mean, you must believe them!!!!

The Great Change

This has recently been given too be via vision, meaning I saw the entire thing in my mind, while I was awaken. I don't take drugs and I was not drunk as I don't defile my mind & body in that way. The Great Change is going too happen this Summer, On The Summer Solstice (june 21st), aka Midsummer. I was given the Vision, and I saw that Out from Annwyn came two shockwave blasts of mauve energy, and this passed through the Earth's Magnetic force field, and passed into the Earth Itself and it sunk down too the core of the Earth.

It awakened the Earth, not meaning That the physical earth is not alive, but it awakens, the magickal earth that has been surpressed since Human's came and destroyed the Magick. In The Instant Annwyn's magickal forcefield came here, the Bridge too Annwyn was re-solidfied by the magick that has been being rebuilt and re-weaved by the Pagan's and all The Awakened souls on earth since The Early 1970's. Inside the Magickal Earth, at her Core, is Her Spirit, it is Gaia who will awaken, and her magick will arise from the earth, and we will Feel it. She will be the magick and the spirit, and earth will once again be rejoined with Annwyn, and the Celestial Age will Begin in 2002.

On The Summer Solstice there is something Important too be said. The Original Summer Solstice was on July 5th, On Which is a LUNAR ECLIPSE. But On June 21st, The Summer Solstice with be Trined Three times! Three is The sacred Number of the Tuatha De Danaan! Also what will happen will all happen in "In Betweens" which is a very magickal time for the faery!

The Summer Solstice is One In Between. It is between Summer and Fall, equally, the day when the veils are the thinnest on earth! The Solar eclipse I saw was happening at Noon! The Second In between! Mid-day, when morning and afternoon is equal! The Solar eclipse is the Third In-between! The Solar Eclipse shadows a land in Partial and Complete Darkness. It is when "Day becomes night".

The Great Change is Supposed To be a Peaceful Change. No world war and no devasting earthquakes, and no scarey jesus in a golden chariot. There are Noticable changes allready happening. One is Dreams. Those that are surreal and Vivid, and are usually astral projections. You are somewhere and it is very real, not dreams that don't make sense, like you turned into a cartoon dog.

The other is Ripples in the Veil. Some say the veils always thin, and its nothing too be concerned over, But The Other planes are being active, about three years ago, the Planes were violent and hostile as souls that were roaming the planes, ripped a Gigantic Tear in the Veil, and it was not safe too journey in the Astral as Beings where coming down too The Earthen plane, and causing disharmony, things that should not have been here.

Finally In 1999, The planes stablized themselves and the tear was patched up. Souls who were inhabiting certain planes begin too vanish and go elsewhere, or were Incarnating on earth again. In 2000, most of the realms that were previously hostile, were and are now vacant, still inhabited only by the Guardians and keepers who have a duty too remain there. In 2001, these realms are going too Collapse when Annwyn stabilizes Earth's Core, and Gaia awakens.

Do You Think I am Crazy yet? Yeah It does sound Crazy, even I admit it, and I had great trouble believing the next part that I am about too write on this page. If you are really a Believer in the faerykin, then read this because this pertains too you and Myself, if you are just here for kicks, and are laughing your head off, thrice be you damned.

There is a Prophecy surrounding My Birth, that has always been a part of me, and only bits would come too me, as I grew up. I am very psychic. I have a sight like no one elses, I am highly empathic, telepathic, and Clairvoyant as well as Clairaudient. When I realize what I am, and who I am going too be, It brings tears too my eyes.

Prophecy Of The Sovereign

"In The Year of the snake, one shall be born, she with strong sight, and she will be known as different and she will be viewed as strange, for she is neither in one world, nor another.

As she grows, she will go through great tests, and their will be many againest her, who will try and take away The Chosen One.
She will know great sorrow and pain, but she will survive for she is one amoung dragons, and she is one amoung shadows, and she is one amoung warriors, and she is Your kin,

She will die before 21 years, yet her destiny will begin at after 23 years, In which she will be chosen as The Sovereign Of Annwyn, from it is from this realm that she has been of since her first incarnation, and it is this realm that has chosen her.

AS she will be the Catalyst, the warrior, the prophetess, and she shall be trined in three's, for she is the holder of all that is ancient.

One shall be chosen too lead her Hand, and be he wise with Great Courage, for great are the tests ahead, and the time long between worlds. For he is also of the Old world, and the Ancient Past, and great is this honor, let him not give his vow without courage or falsehood. he shall no longer be of the World, he will have one foot in one and the other.

The magick shall be built forth on the coming day when one day becomes night In The Year of the snake she will be chosen too lead, when the sun should be high overhead, On this day the Worlds shall be linked, and great changes and magick shall come forth. This day is great, and announces the new coming age. What was once shall be again, yet more complete than before. The Day The old world rises again, trined three Times by the Serpant, the Shadow and The Void.

The New world that has stood for centuries will fall, and the veil's people shall rule once more. Gaia shall rise like a great Dragon from sleep and awaken and walk and heal the earth that man has destroyed. They will be overcome, and one will submit willingly Unified with all and know not why, and shall not care, for the old religion of man shall be forgotten, for there is no hope there. Then there shall be a Great relaxing Wave Of Peace and Contentment, and The Sovereign will reign, with her People as One Body, and none shall be higher or below the other, and prejudence will be gone.

For Out of Chaos Shall become Peace, and out of War Rebirth, for she is The Daughter of the War Goddess Morrigan, and sister to Brigid. You will know The Sovereign by the Name Anara, and the way you feel about her for she shall be Like none other. You need not fear Her, but seek too understand her, and Help her, for it is Unity that she stands for.

No Path shall go unwalked by her, and no secret withheld, and no love unknown. Their will be many allies amoung her, and their sights are keen, for one is the watcher, the one who sees things ahead, and she shall be one of Annwyn and the old ways, standing in the path of Man's religion and The Ancient past. It is she who Holds hands with Both, and it is she who holds the scales.

Let these three be the most wise, and the most strong, for many waves will come too break them! One shall be of over-confidance and let none of these be over-confidant, the second shall be of emotional battery and strife, so let them square away their emotions, for it shall make one feel small amoung towering mountains, and the third shall be of regret, trying to make these feel the sting of the past and over the roads they have traveled, and why they have traveled them, and these people will try too make Doubt be instilled for doubt will dispel unity. Remember too be wise, level and self assured, and watch for signs in all things.