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Welcome too #Paganways! We are a Free-forum Pagan IRC Chatroom located on Coolchat.net. Depending on if you have msntv or a computer, you can find out how too visit us by going too the Coolchat website, where they have java chat for computer users and webtv IRC's for those on webtv. Hopefully there will be a PaganWays IRC soon. Use the Swan's Lake IRC

Instructions for webtv users:

Click on it and do the following:
1. A pop-up will ask for the server, change whatever is in it too irc.coolchat.net
2. hit return and the port popup will show, change that too 6667
3. Room name will popup change or input paganways
4. Room op password will popup just hit return and you'll be taken too the room. Thats it, its that easy. I hope these intructions does not confused anyone.


1.Go too "home" on your webtv keyboard.
2. Click On "Chat". This takes you too the MSN Chat Screen. In the top right corner is the link "GO TO" Click It.
3. GoTo will take you too a page that says fill in your server, port and room name.
4. Enter for server irc.coolchat.net Port 6667 room name: paganways, hit connect.

It's That simple!


Go Look at Coolchat's Homepage for how too use the Javachat at: JavaChat Other than that I am not sure how you would get there, but I'll ask for specific instructions form one of our computer users, and then post it here.

  • What we are about:
    We exist for any of those who are pagan, wiccan, witchcraftian, otherkin, wittan, healer, shaman, or those who know the love and the fury of the goddess and the god. We are able too answer questions seekers may have. Paganways is both a discussion and a free form chatters area. Check out some pagan websites too learn the definitions thereof, because every pagan and or witch will tell you something different. WitchVox | Otherkin

  • Why do we exist?
    There is some speculation that on the same server there is a paganchat channel allready, yes we know and we are former visitors of that chat room, whereas we felt that the room ops were either powertripping over the new users, and using favortism upon room Regulars. We are not here too be a better chatroom, but offer paganchat rejects the chance too use the language they wish too. I.e. Cussing etc. Also as cussing may gone on, our Legal age is 16+, plus other adult themes. Unlike their 18 only room useage. By using the paganways chat channel you certify you are either 16+ years of age or you have your parents permission too be here. Parents: You are the ones that can protect your children, but most teens are subject too such language or use it themselves.

  • The Rules we have:

    It goes without saying that we must have some rules, and the only way you will be kicked and or banned from Paganways is if you do one of the following:

    1. Flood, or behave in other ways that make it difficult for others too chat.
    2. Make threats, including terroristic ones. That's just uncalled for.
    3. Begrunge or make fun of any person, and or their belief systems, and their opinions. Please use your mind when talking, just because we are freeforum, does not mean we will allow the making fun of others either in the room or out of the room.
    4. Cloning and or impersonating another person. registering your handle with Nickserv is very easy too do and instruction is given on this page, as well setting the KILL projection on, meaning someone else can not take your nick. However you will also have too identify yourself too nickserv whenever you come on the channel.

  • Registering with Nickserv:
    1. Enter the room and type in the message bar:

    /msg nickserv register "make_up_a_Password" "your email address"
    It will say nic registered, your password is: "your_password_here" registered with "email address" on server"blahblahblah"

    So say your name is AngelFoodCake. You want too use the word Bingo as a password, and your email address is bingosmigo@webtv.net. You would type: /msg nickserv register bingo bingosmingo@webtv.net
    Nickserv would send a message back too you thats ays: AngelFoodCake nick registered, remember password bingo for later use.

  • Identifying yourself too Nickserv:

    If you have allready registered your nickname, then you should identify yourself too nickserv. You will have too do this everytime you enter the chat server, and or the chatroom itself.
    Type in the message bar:

    /msg nickserv identify bingo
    It will say "Password accepted. You are now recognized." You do not have too enter your email address.

  • Setting Kill protection On:

    If you have registered and identified yourself too nickserv then please turn kill projection on. whenever someone else trys too take your nick they will be automatically killed from the server, meaning they are booted out.

    Type into the message bar:

    /msg nickserv SET bingo ON

    It will say "kill protection for this user is now ON."

    4. If you are a PaganChat Op and you come into Paganways expecting people too kiss your ass, then you can kiss ours. You will be kicked and some of you have allready been banned.

    Other Resources will be listed here, such as guestbook, msg forums, netring, in the days too come.

    IF you are interested in being a PaganWays OP, Please contact Me at AnaraRaven. However, if you are a PaganChat OP, you will be refused. We are not here too be "better" than Paganchat, we are just an alternative method.

  • Copyright: 2002 PaganWays. This Page is kept by AnaraRaven. All Rights reserved.