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The below information is Taken from my own sources on Kin & Kith and is not taken from any other site, if anyone has information on types of kin that they are, you may email it to me at: RavenSidhe If you see mispelled words..I am sorry in advanced. I have dyslexia..and allthough I proof read my pages a million times I may skim over words. Dyslexia is the disability of computing data in the mind too fast too hand. I only have dyslexia on the keyboard, and in Math/Numbers. I suck at Math.

There are a couple of types of kin, and I will go into each kind here in the preface before i get to the signs of kin.

First there are the Shadowkin that I will address. Those that belong to the shadowkin are: Dark Fae..such as Bean Si (bean sidhe, banshee's) Leanan Sidhe(said as shee), Those who call themselves psychic vampires, which flow synmously with the Leanan Sidhe, except leanan do not get or want to be apart of the 'vampire subculture' and stereotyping..and prefer to follow the pagan community from which they are from. Many will argue about this though, and I am not hear too argue back. I am leanan Sidhe so I think I know my own race and can speak for them! (well at least..myself!) Also those who are this i mean astrally werekin..meaning the shift their form like Shamans on the astral, though some may be able to shift their form on the physical plane, but it takes a Shaman of great disclipine, and ability to this..not average kid joe on the street.

Faerykin are of two courts, the Seelie court and the Unseelie Court. The Sidhe above who are shadowkin are also FAERYKIN as well, because the whole the magick of both light, and darkness within..therefore Shadowkin. The Seelie court is seen as the blessed court, or the Court of Inner Light. The Seelie Court is seen as the Dark Fae/Court..The Court of The Inner darkness.

Neither court is "GOOD NOR EVIL" The light and The Darkness here Do not represent the struggle for goodness and badness, as christians tend too think on things. Nature is both light & dark equally, as therefore magick and all things are. Only In the Shadow too you find equalness of all things.

However, faerykin comprise of Both of REINCARNATED Fae and Those who are disincarnate and remain in the Otherworld, and in nature to help keep things balanced, The Kin who are reborn here Hold special powers and abilities and have special roles to fufill. They are the natural born psychic witches, the helpers, the saviors of our race, the healers, The Prophets and the messangers of the goddesses and Gods of the paths we follow. The faerykin are Tuatha De Dannan, and those who have lived for milennia, and have reincarnated over and over and over too fufill their roles in their chosen destiny. These are the De Dannan's who chose too enter the Cycles of existance, The cycles of existance are explained into the celtic doctrines of rebirth.

This is seen as Lugh choosing too go and end his life as Tuatha too enter the cycles of rebirth, not all Tuatha De Dannan chose too end their immortal lives, for when Mil came and sent their belief's underground they would not be ruled by this new age, so into the physical gates of the Land of ever young did they go, till their age came yet again, which fast approaches! Check out my thesis so too speak on this on this Page: Tuatha Cycle Of Existance

It is Said of Faerykin & the Tuatha De dannan That they could enter the otherworld in physical form to retire there and They could choose when they wished too Start Reincarnation. This is what I also have read and remembered personally from past like regression. We Can also wish too stop reincarnating any time we wish.

DragonKin- The Dragons were spiritual benefactors in metaphysical form on annwyn when once the planes was the same as The earthen Plane, once all that was on the astral was possible here on earth, and this is before the age of mankind. All Things were magickal then and there was no death nor sickness. There was a prophecy however that at a certain time the worlds would split, and Earth would become seperate from the Tir Na Og / Annwyn. This was fortold by the Dragons Raising..and they were not in physical "flesh" form. They were great and powerful, and only in a form of transparency, clear crystal, clear glass looking..they were very psychic and the power of the third eye comes from the Dragonkin race. They are older than any kin, in their souls and memories..except the celestials. But Man was prophecied too come and so he did when the sons of mil invaded Ireland.

Where Annwyn Is

Annwyn or Tir Na Og is on the astral plane right over -roughly given- where The Ocean between Ireland & Scotland are today. That is why the places and brughs and Sidh's of Ireland are so connected with the Otherworld and why some places Of Ireland are considered Physical gates too the land Of Ever-Young. Because THEY ARE. If Allowed Passage or Invited a Physical Body Can leave the threshold of The Earthen Plane straight over into the Otherworld. HOWEVER, he or she must be favored by the De Dannan in order too do this. I have been too Annwyn Via Dream / Astral Projection Read About It Of Course this is also possible by astral projection, and is usually only permitted by Astral Projection for those of Ireland today do not readily go looking too Cross over the lands of Faery.

But Onward too How too tell if you are Kin..

1.) You Are Born with a Caul (A Veil over one's face that foreshadows clairvoyancy..the second sight)

2.) You remember places, beings, people, animals at an early age from "another time or place or world" and can recall names, etc. This is not the same as having a vivid imagination. When one remembers such things they have physical as well as emotional trama at could have shakings from the could cry from it and not understand can pass out. Recall is different from imagination because we have things come to our mind rather than dreaming things up in ones mind. One's awakening is not the same for may happen over night..and it may take up too a year or more. It depends on the type of being the individual is.

3.) You are born with your permenant teeth allready in..or have an extra set of teeth (as in three sets of teeth) or you have no extra set of "adult" teeth.

4.) You are an extremely strong seer..telepath, empath, or have a multitude of psychic abilities which may be some no one has even heard of or have names for.

5.) You remember being Concieved, and can describe it in detail. (not being remember conception between your two parents...and you remember life in the astral planes - otherworld before reincarnating on the earthen plane.)

6.) You had an odd experience being were born non-breathing but begin breathing soon after. Or your mom had odd experiences while you were being born. Such as..being given a twilight shot thats supposed to knock Her out..but instead it kept her awake, and or she had visions of who you were while during birth, etc.

7.) Sensing energy patterns from an early age, being able too see wobbly light around a person (their aura).. Having odd dreams where you are see yourself in the shape of a Faery, Dragon, or some kind of Animal.

8.) You gave prophecies of future events as a young child, big changes etc, forsaw death of family member..and of course no one believed you, and they also saw it come true.

9.) AS you grow up..feeling that as more as the world turns you are on the outside lookin in..that as more as events turn around you, you find yourself looking around at them but being apart from them..knowing you belong with another race of beings, knowing you belong with another world..and wanting to go home. Having a longing so bad it can clinically depress you at a very young age.

10.) Doing things at a fast speed no one else is able too, doing things and tasks noone is able too do, being able to pick up heavy objects as if they were light..having amazing adrenaline..being able to open doors - move objects that would not budge for anyone else. Being able to sense energy patterns in pictures, people, and unmoving objects, being able too see and taste sound waves..sometimes being able to smell sound waves. (ever smelled lighting after a thunderstorm?) Knowing that a particular place..a field, a crossroad is full of magick, glamour, etc.

11.) Having allot of feelings of deja vu, not being able to digest certain meats or dairy products..not being able to eat allot of vegation because of the gastric problem it can cause..having illnesses that noone knows how to diagnose..having illnesses at early ages.

12.) You die and come back..remembering things from the otherside, and or you die and come back and start to remember past life memories, thus triggering your awakening..the point of remembering who you are, whom you have been, what you are, your abilities, and how to control them better.

13.) You manipulate energy and use energy from your body to heal, sense danger, and manipulate electric and mechanical sense lighting before it strikes and sometimes can lead lighting to strike your own house..or a tree near your house, if you are "feeding" on the thunderstorm in the absorb energy into your chakra centers and may be an empath who drains..also known as leanan sidhe and a psychic vampire. You drink blood, thirst for it, and crave it and are not goth and or into any scene..and you abosorb the lifeforce running through the blood. This is known also to leanan sidhe's and is also called Pranic Vampyrism. They do not dirnk blood to be trendy or because they like to taste..they drink it because they absorb the energy in the bloodstream. The Prana/chi and lifeforce, also called akasha/spirit. Energy, and blood feeing substain the astral body, by building up the astral "immune" system so we have something to fuel it and our abilities. That is why we may manipulate, drain energy or drink blood. Not because we think its cool and trendy.

14.) You have a lower body breathe slower, your heart pumps slower. You have to breathe quicker when you are being examined by a doctor/nurse. Your blood flows slower, your blood pressure is lower, or not there at all. You are pale, you do not do not burn in sunlight. Extreme exposure too sunlight and heat makes you feel drained in it, you feel nausea, or Extremely Dizzy, or you devolp a rash when you are in a very hot room or out doors, you actually feel the sun sucking out your energy. YOU STOP AGING at a certain age, usually in your early/late teens, you continue to grow, you just don't age. You appear very Youthful, but your eyes appear very OLD.

15.) You feel closer too older persons..people twice your age you feel more comfortable with than people your own age. If your pagan you know more than a 3rd degree intiate when you have only been practicing a few years.

16.) You sometimes interfere with a Radio/TV raising your hand or walking across the room you static the station or can clear it up.

17.) You don't take drugs, you don't drink and you don't smoke. You feel no peer pressure to try any of these things. You know better, and you don't want to defile your body in that way. You don't have sex too fit in..or too be trendy or just because "you want some" you value sex as very sacred..and won't give into it unless with the right person.

18.) You get cold more easily, if you get the slightest amount of chilly sometimes your hands/body part will close its coloring, and will go stark white. (Hypothermia) you have to run your fingers under warm/lukewarm water to warm them up. You are always in body temp. between too hot and too cold. You wear Jackets in spring and summer, or long sleeves, sweats and pants. Not just because of the cold you can't seem to shake, but because mosquitos flock to you like christians at the sunday altar call.

19.) You prefer an alternative religion..wicca, paganism, druidry..the extreme old ways.

20.) You are a loner..and chose too be a loner. You don't want to fit in with society, you hang out alone because you feel most comfortable that way. Yet you are comfy about people, and are not worried too be around just usually chose not too be amoung them. You enjoy the quite life, and you always look about for people like you.

21) You are often referred too as an "Indigo Child". (meaning you have nothing but an Indigo colored aura) I recently had the chance too read about the color of my aura. Most people have many colors in their auras, sidhe's only have one color. Deep Rich Sparkly Indigo. (the darkest purple you ever have seen) It said that Indigo is a newer color too the aura spectrum, and that Indigo colored auras basically belonged To extremely enlightened children with extrodianary gifts, or Young Adults, and that they were extremely gifted and talented and made their own paths, and saught knowledge of all things like a person Posessed. It defiantely described me.

22) Your eyes glow or change colors between moods, seasonal changes, you have pointy ears, pointy noses, and oddly colored hair, and you appear faerish on one side of your face, more than the other.

23) If you drink OJ, Juices, and or energy drinks and caffiene products you become insanely CHEERFUL and BUBBLY and peoply-person, meaning it makes you higher than one would be on normal drugs. Odd things can happen if a Sidhe gets enough caffiene in them. I become so slap happy I want too hung everyone and everything..including trees, bushes, iron name it. Also over the counter medicine will effect you different..tyenol..can make you high even if you only took one tablet, it can also make you dizzy. I have had some bad experiences with tyenol. Advil doesn't work on us and can cause holes in the stomach. Benedryl..conks us out and makes ya sleep the sleep of the dead. It also will stop anxiety attacks.

These are just some of the signs of otherkin..I hope this helped you! This list is also being updated from time too time.