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Glamour ~ What is Glamour?

Glamour is described In folklore as in ways Little faeries with wings hide themselves from Mortal eyes. It Is also said too make Faeries Appear Human and Mortal if they are glimpsed by The eyes of man. It is said a mortal man may see and catch a faerie if he is able too start in amoungest the glamour of the wood or glade meadow passage he has come to sit, and in the blink of an eye see the darting of skittering figures - The Fae.

Again We Talk about two Kinds of Fae, The Shining Host and the Etheral Host. The Etheral Host is what the man is seeing. They etheral host live in the soul of all things. Rocks, trees, Flowers, Meadows and glades and Moss Rings. They keep the earth's echosystem in it's natural balance - even when it seems the earth is non-fruitful, barren and dying, never be fooled for the magick and the Etheral Host are there.

The Other Host of Faerie - The Shining Host are the ones who are In bodies in the physical world and walking about. They Use Glamour in the ways Psi-Vampires (which are the same as the leanan sidhe EXCEPT leanan appear more elfish in physical appearance than untrained psi vampires, but they do the same thing and have the same abilities, except the hold astral power in the courts of their astral homes. Most often it is a destiny for these Leanan sidhe too have a Hand in whatever Faerie affairs they have a hand in. They will keep reincarnating Till their destiny is filled, then they will go home too Their astral homelands Too Help with whatever is needed of them. They can also choose too stop reincarnating should they feel fit too do so.

Glamour For The Shining Host

Glamour is for the shining Host, like presence and Intense attraction for the psi vampires. They attract multi people of same sex / opposite sex too them. Ever been around a woman/man whom did nothing but walk in the room and over 10-15 men/women flocked too her/him and seemingly drooled in her/his Lap? This Is Glamour. The Shining Host use it too get what they want, if they are trained in the ways of using their Glamour, if not they are out puting the signal, and are stunned at why they are getting so much attention from men and so many nasty looks from normal women. *lol* They also may use Glamour too make people avoid them and get the hell out of their way. This is called Aversion for both fae & Psi-vampires.

Instead of making their aura reel people in, they taint the aura with tainted, angry energy and push it out in a manvolent manner if they feel they are in danger or being threathened. I once had a man follow me down my street, he had bad thoughts in his mind and a Crazy, Evil Eye. I Immediately began too push dark energy out of my body and quickened my step, and thankfully I was not far from my house. It did not detour the man however and he called up if my "mommy and daddy were inside" as I entered my house. I look allot younger than I am, which causes me too get strange looks from adults everywhere I go. Most people think I am 15-17 Years old, and I am 23. Thankfully, the dirty old man kept walking down my street and I have not seen his ugly arse sense. However, just because I look young, and I am a woman does not mean I don't know how too handle myself. That I have also been trained for. I have used glamour Aversion successfully though, many times in fact.

I had a man follow me in the grocery store. He looked at me and his face lit up like he wanted something from me if you get my drift and he wanted too get it in the roughest manner possible, for I saw in his mind he liked too have women be afraid of him. I entered the grocery store and went around on my normal way as I usually went in to see if they had any samples of food (free food yum!) and then too the magazine rack. I noticed that Biker hoodlum boy was following me, always watching me, but hanging back, so I circled another aisle, and up another one and he was still behind me, that's when I made a Hasty turn into the garden part of the store and then ran out the front doors, across the parking lot and across into another store in about 2 minutes tops. He Came out and looked left, then right and then he swore, then went and got in his truck, and drove away! I am lucky those stores are so close together! Glamour can be used To Avert and Too allow one too move more quickly if one is in danger. I literally ran as If I had wings on my feet. I don't think I have ever moved that Fast since!

How too Use and NOT use Glamour

You May use Glamour too attract people too you in honest ways. Just because it will make your best friends boyfriend bow at your feet does not mean you should do this. You may use it too attract good offers from money dealings and job offers and promotions. You May use it in magick and circle casting too aid your circle in making strong faerie contact and with the otherworld. It is good too use if your working with Animals, as they can sense you as Their sister or I am serious. Animals and their souls spirits are deeply connected with the realm of the otherworld, they always have been, as being faerie is also about being Shamanic. We are all Connected...and too get lion king-ish..In the great circle of life.

Never Use Glamour againest your own kin, or werekin, Dragonkin, Shadowkin. Be careful amoung these whom you mind probe, mind read and dreamwalk. Not all faerie have the same outlook on life and reality that you might..some of them are unstable not being able too handle the human body or human hybrid of their faerie souls, and are liable too feel threathened, abused, and your mind and energy can become tainted with their taints, and you may see things in your mind that scare you..that you don't want too see but once you see them and feel them, you won't be able too let these things go. Greet Your Kin, be nice and polite even if they claim too be 12,000 years old in soul and be friends with the queen of the faerie, and Claim The De Dannan were eskimos who first lived in Alaska. I have heard it All! Simply bypass them with Nod and smile and or say yeah, allright in email even if you don't agree with what they say, or think or if you don't like Their Ego. Follow your gut instincts and Heart, and for goodness sakes don't try too prove your better, older or "greater" you are all equal, an there's no point in arguing sense you physically can not pull out the history of your life and show them!

However, if a Sidhe or Faerie shares something with you, if she or he goes out of their ways too do so, then please lend your ear and leave your tongue and mouth at home! You don't have too believe what they speak about it, but you should not feel threathened by what they say, and please do not expect every type of kin too obey you and recognize your seniority because most likely they will not. Fae are not like people, we do not back off or down when someone is in charge of something. Each one of us are our own Leader's, we follow our own paths and make our own laws and rules. If you think we are being tyrant like, then you obviously do not understand Kin! All Fae have the right too express their belief's and religional views without the webmaster or webmistress of a particular site getting up in tight-wad of panties because they feel threathened by someone who is saying something that scares them, and or threathens their existance or their ways of life. It may be the Destiny of the Faerie to do what she is doing. You have too understand faerykin are VERY DIFFERENT than most people you interact with everyday. They have a destiny they are working towards, and a big part of that destiny is getting all Kin ready for the coming Changes! If it underscores your webmistress "I am the boss here not you" status, too bad, you need too learn that its not always about you anyway!

Also if you are in strange places, don't play attraction games with strangers, because you may attract a crazy that puts you and yourself in Danger. Humans are not toys even though they seem that way, and there is the difference between giving them what they deserve and mindlessly seeking too control someone. If You are a newly awakened Fae, Please do not go around playing with Glamour it is dangerous like a love spell gone haywire if not controlled and disclipined properly. Just because you feel like a Goddess does not give you cause too control like one. Glamour is a gift And Can be revoked from you. It is used for Protection too keep a low profile and help Kin Identify one another. We sense each other's Glamour and Presence like a Radar..The same again as Psi-vampires. Too Other psi-vampires we appear too just be psi-vampires. Just like them.

Glamour Can be seen the same as in psi-vampire Auras. Purple. Especially amoung the Leanan Sidhe. For we leech energy off in the same way, we can even drink blood and absorb energy in the blood the same way, feed from mana, mechanical and electric energy, and the universal source of natural and astral energies. Other faerie Have dark Blue, Myriad sparkly aura's, some Dark Red, But always an Either Dark Colored Hue with shiny sparklies in them. Or an Over-vadiant shining aura like light, or Glossy shining light.

Dark Fae have Shadowy Auras..Flickering shadows for an aura with a dark Colored Hue, Sparkles, and a Bit of Gloss. Some Dark fae may however be adept at shielding their normal auras's and projecting one that is full of light, but a probe shows a shadow underneath the light were the True aura is. Dark fae are Comprised By: Sluagh (said as Sloo-ah) They are a Highland Scottish faerie, the host of the unforgiven Dead, sort of like Restless souls thats never have had rest, but yet they make good companions amoung other Banshee's (Beansidhe) and Leanan Sidhe. Some Leanan Sidhe are Dark Fae. Other of us belong too the Shadows. Equal Light and Darkness. We are a Favorite amoung the darkly Talented - Singers In Bands, Poets, dark Authors and those who belong in the darkness, or are enchanted by the darkness. However we are Neutral - neither in one realm or the other, but such is our life too be so. It is not lonely either, well it is but we prefer too be alone or be amoung others like ourselves.

Article By: Anara Of The Sidhe