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FaeCards Creation Form.

Adapted with permission By Utlah's WereCard Script.

About FaeCards And DragonCards:

~FaeCards Are Cards filled in By Those who believe themselves too be Faerykin, Otherkin, Shadowkin, or something pertaining too The Faerie Kingdom. This is not a form for Vampires. You Can find this on Aluka's Page. Right Here and It's not for beastkin or those who believe they are were's that form is at: The Werecards. The Fae Cards are for:
Sidhe, Faerie, Dark Or Dubh Sidhe, Tuatha De Dannan (yes we are out there yet again!) Pixies, Piksies, Trolls, Elves, DragonKin are also welcome too sign up, Sluagh, brownies, Dryads, Forest Nymphs, Etc. If you are going "hunh?" Please do not sign the form! ;)

The FaeCard and DragonCard WebForm:

Post your info below, which inpart will be mailed too my address and then I will post the Cards Up On Site at: The Groves Registrar

Part 1: Who are you?
Human Name:
Fae/Dragon Name:
Type Of Fae/Dragon:(PIxie, Elf, Sidhe etc.)
When Did you Awaken?:(What year..tell us about it?)
Part 2:Where are you from?
What Land as a Fae/Dragon Are you From?:
Tell Us About The Lands You Are From?:
Part 3: What are you like?
Physical Description, Human:
Physical/Astral Description, Fae/Dragon:
What is Your Spirituality and Why?:
Part 4: What do you like?
Favorite Medievial Movie(s):
Favourite Books (could be Dragon, fae Or other genre related):
Favourite Artist (online or offline any genre):
Favourite Saying/Quote:
Favourite Song/Band(s):
Part 5: What do you like that's Faerie and Or Dragon related?
Favourite Fae/Dragon Movie:
Favourite Fae and or Dragon Literature:
Favourite Fae and or Dragon Art:
Favourite Fae/Dragon Saying/Quote:
Favourite Fae/Dragon Song/Band(s):
Part 6: A bit more about you.
Favourite Personal Quote:
Favourite Season:
Favourite Holiday:
Preferred Michevious Act:
Any Tips For Newly Awakened Fae or Dragons? (feel free too leave contact information):
Dragon Advice In General:
Favourite Mythological Beastie(s):
Feelings Toward Vampires,werewolves and Otherkin who are gothy and snotty! *gglz*:
Feelings Toward Normal Humans:
Part 7: Personal Discovery Of Being Faerie Or Dragon (feel free too be specific and please fill this out! This is the most crucial part of the form!)
Enter a descriptive, personnal account of your Awakening and or Discovery when you knew you were Faerie or DragonKin, what it felt too you, how you have grown with it, and where you plan too let it lead you and the new otherkin community.
Part 8: Faecard Options.
Return Faecard to Author
Your Email Address:
Return Email Address for Fae/Dragon Card:
Fae and Dragon Card Disclaimers::
Please, Please Please be descriptive as possible. You won't be hunted down and burnt alive or mauled sexually by a rabid, frothing Goat if you create A Dragon Or Fae Card. I did this so that Faerykin and Dragon would have a way too contact and connect each other as this is a Community that needs too grow and Strengthen. I will not use your email too spam you. I am not that bored, and I don't have that much time on my hands. DO remember that what you put will be public information on the Grove's Registrar, so check for Typos, and only give personal info if your comfortable in giving it, and remember that you might wish too use web-based email instead of one that services your computer/webtv so you will not get spammed by bored people who feel threathened.

Please Do fill out Part Number 7. Please tell us and others about your awakening and discovery of knowing you were Fae Or a DragonKin. Please be as Descriptive as Possible, this is the whole point of the Fae and Dragon card's Form.

Thank You!
AnaraOfTheSidhe WebMistress

Additional Comments:

Having Trouble with FaeCard Form, please just COPY & Paste Questions from this Form too an Email and send email too: sorry for the trouble ;( the Send Button will not send forms too my webtv address right.

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