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History Of -

I have come across so many people who argue my points. The Tuatha De dannan aren't back on earth, they are not of their true can't be them, etc. etc. Sidhe are not De Dannan. I can only share with you my experiences as I remember them, you don't have too believe me, lord no I don't wish too cage your will. I only am here too help not argue.

First of all I want too address Ego and "I am an older soul than you are" Crap. "I am a true elder, I have a 3rd degree wiccan priestess, I am Grandma crowfoot of the Fifth Council of the Inner worlds". Stop. All within here are considered equal, all here is Balanced. It may not be in your head, your heart or your soul, but in these pages you are considered equal too me, and all who come here. There is no "I am better, wiser older than you" Crap. If you can not abide by this..leave NOW!!! It is simple. Knowledge is available who want to learn not those who want too compare notes.

Ok History of Kin As I Know It:

In The beginning when the earth was a dim mass and all life was on the planes, and had not yet come too earth. The first beings were the elementals, and emotions, then the celestials who Created balance and came Too keep the Celestial planes. For they are messengers and children of the Gods & Goddesses. It is the Celestials who tryed to and created balance of all things. From The celestials were the Dragons Created, those with the ever seeing eye and presence, those with metaphysical bodies, whom were their souls, and had not human bodies that aged, or experienced death or sickness.

From The Dragons Came the Faerie, Holders of the keys of Eternal Life, true Beauty, weaving of magicks, Love, peace, honor, pride, and Equality. They were Children of both the celestials and The Dragons. It was Fortold during a The last Great Dragon Raising that Man would soon come and inherit the earth, and he would destroy her for he knew not the ways of magick. So into the earths, and heavens did the dragons go, so their magickal auras would permanate on earth, keeping it safe, and the faerie decided they would enter into the earth Realm too reincarnate and be amoung the races of man, protecting their own throughout time and place which is different here, than that of their own planes.

Right Before the Faeries entered existance, The Courts split, (there was the twilight, dark and the ancients, NO SEELIE until later when one of the humans mated with a Faery and begot the seelie court) The Dark Sidhe did not understand why the Others were leaving too go to the realms of earth for the Loves of one of the Dark Sidhe was too go. (She was Seelie) This Invented Discord and disharmony..and so has it been since. Also no unseelie or neutral/twilight sidhe has forgotten the tragedy bestowed by the seelie. In reality she did us a blessing by going, but Sidhe love bonds are Eternal, and when they are broken, grave things happen and occur. The seelie court is still as malicious and nasty and unhonest as the very first day they brought us betrayal. (You see they went too live amoung humans, mate with humans and some of them chose too forget too be faery, and forget our causes. Once a Faery does this, He/she once they die, they can not reincarnate, and their essances dissappate. COMPLETELY. You understand why we adhere too just a strong code of honesty and loyalty now yes?)

Within The earth's spiritual core lays/laid a Sleeping Dragon, this one is known as Gaia, [Gaia'Anaska'Raet=Earth's Destruction and Creation] and other tongues of other languages, but Gaia being the Shortened form, and soon she shall awaken when the proper allignment is reached in date, and stars. That date was Midsummer June 21st, 2001

The Chosen Band of Sidhe and Fae came too Earth In what is known as The Tuatha De Dannan As Well as Partholans, Fir Bolgs, and Formorrians. It is given in history that The Tuatha were from Either Greek or Denmark Countries, and from wherever they came from they sailed from in massive ship fleets, and when they reached Eire in the province of Connacht (east ireland) They burnt their boats, and settled, yet battled the mighty Fir bolgs and formorians. I can not speak for the history books I can only tell these tales as I remember them. I DO remember that as a Faerykin I was given the chance too enter the cycles of existance too come too earth and help protect her from man, and I chose too go. Why Did the fae chose too go? For you see Annwyn is parallel too the earth plane and Joined by several gateways, if Man destroyed earth, he would also destroy Annwyn. IF he suceeded in destroying faith and Magick, and belief..we would not be here and so for our Home did we go and that is why we are still here, for man is a foolish child, he is young even in his old bones, he destroys that which he fears and does not understand.

Because of Recent research I have learnt that Annwyn (welsh for Owen) is the Formorrian Otherhome. Which makes sense. Formorrians are genrally considered Dark Sidhe/Shifters, or Sea Monsters, and or like their Leanan Sidhe "cousins" Children of the Morrighan, who was not Tuatha, but Formorrian. Based on discussed research by my former old group TuathaPagans, that In some parts of Ireland, Morrighan is prounounced as MORRIAN. The Formorrians, or Formorrii, sometimes pronounced as For-Mor-Rye, were said too be mishapened creatures, or fierce war beasts. I have astrally shifted into a formorrian war form. This form consisted of:

  • A Yellowish-greenish-brown Skin color which felt like soft leather. It did not feel like normal skin like we know today.
  • I had Dark black-streaked with gray scraggly hair, but long like way past my ass, which was briaded down my back and tied at a knot at the ends.
  • Spikes of bone stuck out the vertebrae on my back, and the area dripped with this yellowish pus like discharge. As well as the area on my elbow.
  • I carried a huge moon-cresent shaped Bronze shield, as well as a tall wooden spear with bone chiseled down into a fine sharp point at the tip.
  • I had firey green eyes

    That's just what I remember. There was another dream when I was in formorrian form and I walked into the Tir (TirnanOg/Annwyn) and The Dadga, and Nuada, Taliesin and few other men where gathered on the left, and The Morrighian, Morrigu, nemain, brigid and Macha, and Badb were all standing on the right. And Nuada yelled at me, "get out of here you foul creature, how dare you enter this sancity." and Morrigu screamed at Him while shaking her fists.."DO not yell at My DAUGHTER! She has every right too be here!" and Nuada and his men stepped back and shut up, but kept gaving me weary Gazes, especially when I shifted forms right in front of them from Formorrian too My usual form My Anara form, or into that of The Bean Nighe/Sidhe. Then I went and gathered with my Mother on the right.

    That gave me an idea, sometimes its said that Dadga formed the TDD and that Morrighan Formed up the Formorrians. Being the De Dannan which means Children of Dana. Dana was said too be Dadga's mother. The Morrighan was there and is said too be of the TDD, but she was there before the TDD. The Morrighan herself is a Sovereign Goddess. Meaning she is of the earth, and its rightful representative and no man rules That land unless its by her side. As it was with Queen Maeve of Connacht. Of course too list some resources some of which are not history books which most of these are not, and by all means don't take my word for it. Study for yourself.

    Celtic Women's Spirituality By Edain Mccoy
    Celtic Myths and Legends By Edain Mccoy
    By Ash, Oak and Thorn By DJ Conway

    Plus a few pages online that I gleaned knowledge form and no longer have the addresses for. There is a link there. Go and Look for the Morrighan. Look for the cattle Raid of Cooley and the Magobinoi sites, which are two great irish cycle books that mention the morrighan in detail. I pull what I can form text and study it and compare it too what I feel and sense in my mmeories of past lives and what I know now. Its not like I have a been grimorire of knowledge written in Tolien elvish that is PROOF that what I say is truth. I know what I know because i sense it in my blood and bones and spirit. Thats how i know things. Your way may be different.

    About The Otherworld:

    When man Invaded Ireland there was much confusion, I was told too go with the others too A Hollow Hill (Sidh's) Too which we went and traveled about a days walk underneath the ground in Tunnels too the Cairns at newGrange, from there, there is a Physical gateway that opens only too those who are faerie and who are worthy too cross it, and therein did we cross. We were told not to wait and told not too look back. To Just Go. Once crossed, we entered onto a Bridge with a Large waterfall cascading too the Left side of it. The Bridge was made of rope and swingboards washed white, from thereon we entered into a meadow that contained a Village..Just as if we never had left the earthen plane, and all behind us was Mist and haze, and a Very sheer dropoff which one has not seen the bottom too. It is there that we settled until the others, Elders of our race crossed over, meaning after they fought, or fought and past over for only in battle could the De Dannan be Killed. Then we held a council and Picked a Time and place too when we would Incarnate again, if we chose too do so.

    About The Sidhe

    Now I am probally about too say something that will piss someone off. Too Address the Sidhe and the Tuatha De dannan. One can not be Faerie, Sidhe, gnome, troll, pixie, piksie, banshee, leanan sidhe dubhsidhe..and NOT know whom the Tuatha De Dannan are. Or the Formorrians, for that Matter! One who is even half awakened sidhe will know whom the Tuatha De Dannan are. The Tuatha De dannan consist more than what you see in god/goddess pathenon books. Most of the Oral Tradition, and written books in ogham were destroyed after Mil and his sons came. Mil and his sons knew we were here too thawrt him, something he desperately tryed too keep from happening. Even Mil and his sons were once Celestials, yet he wanted too do something the other celestials forbade of him and so he was cast out of That Plane. Therefore he lost his rights too have an Immortal soul, so He went too his own plane, and saught too weave his own Armies and bands too come too the earth plane. He could not take over the planes, so he sought too take over earth.

    If you notice this Mythos sounds somewhat on Lucifer being cast out of Heaven, meaning perhaps The bible and its early chapters was based on a misintereptation of Sidhe races and Life in the planes. Man has always been full of greed, feeling like he's never ever gotten what he's been due, either a place amoung Immortal spirits That know the rights between good and evil or just a piece. Also if that wasn't enough, the seelie Court (for those seelie faeries that adhere too the courts) Interbred with man, and became just as corrupt as his essance is. That's right, Mortals have a Essance too. When I say MAN I do not mean just any mortal on the street. Most mortals don't believe in anything, much less magick, witchcraft etc. In some ways I think this was Man's way of hurting the entire world, society etc. ALL thru the ages. But thats just my theories and Opinions, allrighty? (Based on some new research I have done.)

    You see it seems too have worked..Mankind has society, religion, he seemed to have triumphed over magick.. and such, but its vastly unstable because of hate and envy and greed for power, and noone but the Faerie know how too stablize it. And the old order IS Rising...

    Faery Incarnation

    As I have come too understand it faeries Incarnate having a Fae soul and a human body. Human does not mean Mortal..once we awaken in the physical body, it stops aging, tanning, burning, yet it keeps growing nails, hair, cells. It becomes a shell. We choose parents - Meaning mortal parents, and we often remember being conceived. The Parents we choose may be from similar backgrounds and have specific abilities we have had in times past, they may have heritage we My mother is Irish and my father was Pictish. Irish parents are often empathic and hold heritage of the Fae within, for some Fae intermarried with the race of man, too produce Faerie Offspring- Changeling's as they are often called. Those who choose parents are not called Changelings! Those who choose parents are Latent Sidhe, true sidhe, those born unknowingly from irish/fae parents are known as Changelings. You see, this is how I have come too understand it, and I think long and hard and analyze before i commit too an idea on something! (I know a supposed changeling who posted on the GOA Board and he/she said they have no memory of past lives, and thats interesting. Perhaps changelings are a breed of the lostkin, or have not entered their awakening yet.)

    Faeries Awaken during puberty or early adolensce, and may suffer a tramatic experience that 'triggers' their awakening, in which their psychic abilities awake from sleep in efforts too keep themselves alive. They then after fully awakening lose their human thought patterns, emotions, inhibations, and usually gravitate toward a pagan path. After awakening some may manipulate energy and or crave too drink blood. These are known as Leanan Sidhe, and are "Oftenly" seen one in the same with psi and pranic vampyres. This is when their parents and friends think they have become posessed because too some, Sidhe can be cold, mean and cruel. They are acting without fault or Conscience yet others view them as acting out..seeking too draw attention too themselves, or being 'immature' or being 'mean and cruel'. Never! let anyone tell you all faeries are supposed too be all love and light and Nice! These people are just idiots.

    Everything changes when one awakens..your bodies physically, your spirituality, your mental thinking processes, your psychic/astral bodies, behaviour, emotional maturity..everything. Full awakening can happen all at once or it can take up too 1 to 2 years. Some people suppress their awakening, they can not handle being human / sidhe, so they turn too drugs and alcohol and drink and drug themselves up too repress and forget. This is never a good thing, do not fight the awakening, you are who and what you are for a reason, embrace it and learn why.

    If you fight your awakening your essance and or spirit can "phision" from your body. This is going on now with my twinflame. He is not a trusting person and he can not trust what he is feeling and its causing a huge rift in our relationship. However I have talked with Ka'lecht (my twinflame) In Annwyn just recently. He told me he was proud of me for doing my job (helping with the kin) because of the odds againest me for such a task, he also told me and it seems this part was greatly distorted because he told me too let him go. This is something i can not fathom doing. But he told me he would always love me and always be with me, but the time for what I wanted was not too be right now. he said someday what I wanted would happen but it could not be now at this time. Its something i can not posess too do, but the physical host that is him is very distant from me at this time and i also want space, but I don't want things too END, as in final, just a bit of good space i think is what we need.

    You think its easy being awakened? The hell it is, but its better too accept and embrace what you are and not fight it because it will bring you greater pain by not than By doing so. believe me. On that if nothing else.